Laundry in the Breeze Mural

In this Emerald Hills mural, I painted the bright, fresh look of sheets blowing in the wind, and a bucolic farm scene to transform a drab laundry room. Now, the room offers a breath of fresh air, and makes doing the laundry a breeze!

BreezyLaundryRoom LaundryLineCloseup
Laundry Room Mural with Clothes Hung to Dry on the Line


BreezyLaundryRoom LaundryLine 640x451 1
Laundry Mural for Private Residence in Emerald Hills, California


BreezyLaundryRoom WallCloseup 640x427 1
Laundry Mural with Domestic Landscape


BreezyLaundryRoom Wall 640x427 1
Decorative Mural for Breezy Laundry Room