Mural Artist Review by Gary Dalton

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure and a privilege to recommend muralist Morgan Bricca for your next mural project.

The development of a memorial reading garden at our school brought Ms. Bricca to us. We needed complementary visual images on exterior walls of an adjacent building to enhance the garden’s landscaping and overall appeal. Open and receptive to plans and ideas generated by contributors to the project, Ms. Bricca developed thoughtful drawings of our collective notions about how the mural might look. We fine-tuned them together and finally turned her loose to do her work.

Spanning two lengthy sides of a wing, the final rendering was perfectly suited for the immediate garden. Remarkably, it also merged visually with the campus environs, the neighborhood, and the nearby mountains. Viewers of the mural from afar often had trouble distinguishing the painted surfaces from living shrubs and trees in the foreground and background.

Ms. Bricca’s remarkable talent as an artist was equally matched by her work ethic. A self-starting individual, she worked methodically and carefully on the project. With no prompting from us, this gorgeous piece of art unfolded before us in a very timely manner.

Ms. Bricca’s work captured the imaginations of more than a few students, who watched her paint during their recesses. She graciously fielded student questions and comments, serving as a teacher to aspiring artists fascinated by her work. Indeed, all who worked with Ms. Bricca found her to be very agreeable and collaborative.

Because Ms. Bricca is a fabulous artist and fine collaborator, I urge you to give her the utmost of consideration for projects you might have in mind.


Gary Dalton
Principal (retired)
Juana Briones Elementary School