State of the Art

California native Morgan Bricca doesn’t quite qualify as a nomad, but look at her repertoire of murals, and you’d think she has traveled the world. From the Australian outback to the tropical waters of Hawaii, each wall that her paintbrush touches is transformed into magical works of art.

Bricca’s defining moment came at the age of 25, when she decided to enroll in an art therapy class while working as a computer network administrator. For someone who never considered herself to be a great artist, an unexpected career change was well in the works with the first strokes of her paintbrush. “Muraling is innately pragmatic for someone who didn’t go to art school,” divulges Bricca. “I never had to buy a canvas and there was never an excuse not to be able to paint. It was almost like, here’s a wall, here’s some paint, now let’s go have some fun.” And that’s precisely where it all began.

After enlisting the help of professional art teachers, Bricca began to hone her newfound talent and was painting like a pro in no time. Her hobby soon morphed into an undeniable passion that spread from home to home of friends and family, where she claims, “That’s when my new business started.”

For many homeowners, decorating a room full of blank walls can be a daunting task. But for a plethora of Bay Area clients, that’s where Bricca comes in. “There’s something about a mural that opens up a space in a way that no other form of art can do,” reveals the artist. “It has the ability to transform something ordinary and make you feel as though you’re stepping into the painting.” Underwater beach scenes, trompe l’oeil murals, the Italian countryside and even graffiti art have all become a part of Bricca’s personal touch on a home.

Ask the mother of two to describe the best part of her job, and she’ll quickly respond: “When a client walks into a room and it takes their breath away, that’s when I know I’ve done my best.” It’s not easy creating larger-than-life murals of a client’s favorite vacation spot, but Bricca does it with such confidence and ease that it has become almost second nature.

For every mural, there is a formula. She examines a room with her client and discovers what it lacks in color, scope and personality. “I have such loving relationships with the people I’ve worked with,” admits Bricca. “It’s important to listen to their needs and bring to them places they love to go.” After a week-long stay in a home, Bricca’s work is complete, and, as one can imagine, she’s developed a wonderful relationship with the client. “With murals, I get a lot of repeats from those who want to bring it to other parts of their house as well.” With one glance at her awe-inspring landscapes, it’s easy to see why people want more.