Vintage Fairy Mural for Burlingame Residence

I loved meeting and collaborating with Leighton on fairies for her mural! Did I mention Leighton is 2? She was so encouraging, pointing out each new element with a loud squeal and raised eyebrows. I knew I was on the right track!

I put a burnt umber glaze over a super soft lime green (Handmade paper, Benjamin Moore CSP-875) with the glaze heavier at the bottom and fading off at the top, and also hints of light blue glaze. This gives a subtle glow and texture to  the walls of this Burlingame bedroom. I painted all of the elements in a soft palette, so the result was less of a bold “Disney” look and more of a 1920’s bound book illustrations look. We did throw one recognizable Tinkerbell in there, she was already a hit with Leighton!