Old Mack Donald Schoolhouse Mural

There are two things that I know of that are guaranteed to light up Diane’s face: her Shih Tzu’s and her grandchildren. Her dogs have been incorporated in the previous murals… so it was time to feature the grandkids! She wanted to carve out a special space that was just for them. Kids love small spaces. The big “L” shaped closet in the middle of the house under the stairs was designated as the kid’s hideout and filled with pillows and books. Diane hired me to finish off the space by painting murals on all the walls. I incorporated a magnetic chalkboard and her grandchildren’s favorite characters in this “closet under the stairs” mural. We incorporated their last name, Mack, into the school sign. This will be the designated hideout and cozy spot for all her grandchildren when they visit Emerald Hills, California.