“Nature is Home” Native Bird Murals

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats

I painted fifteen flower and bird murals throughout Ilha das Flores in the Azores, Portugal in the summer of 2017. These Portugal murals were mainly handpainted on public buildings and ruins, most near the main town of Santa Cruz, a town of about 900 residents. As a Bay Area muralist, this was a dream project! (Read about how the project unfolded here.)


Canary mural on a ruin wall, Ilha das Flores, Azores, Portugal
Canary mural on a ruin wall, Ilha das Flores, Azores, Portugal
11 Ruins Canary 1 640x960 1
Yellow canary bird mural in Portugal by painter Morgan Bricca
10 Airport Goldcrest Room View 1 640x321 1
Goldcrest mural in Portugal’s Café das Flores
13 Ruin Lincoln Sparrow 1 640x362 1
Sparrow mural with yarrow plant in Flores Island (Azores), Portugal
14 Ruin Starling and Crocus 1 640x480 1
Crocus and starling mural… Because how better to beautify ruins than with painted birds?
14 Ruin Crocus and Stargazer Morgan 1 640x421 1
A Los Altos muralist goes to Portugal
12 Correo Melro Detail 1 640x960 1
Large bird mural on an island in Azores, Portugal
1 orchadia street view 1 640x480 1
Outdoor orchid mural on an Azorean island
3 control tower 1 640x853 1
Bird and hydrangea mural outside a Portugal building
4 Tribunal Tentilhao Centered 1 640x427 1
Bird and flower mural in Portugal
4 Tribunal Tentilhao Wide View 1 640x277 1
Portugal mural with flowers and bird
5 Kinder Wall with Morgan 1
Butterfly mural on Ilha das Flores (Azores), Portugal
6 Painting the Snipe 1 640x427 1
Large snipe mural in Portugal
7 Tourism Office Goldfinch with Johnny 1 640x853 1
Colorful bird mural in Portugal
9 Guarajao 1 640x427 1
Gull mural by lighthouse on Portugese island
9 Guarajau Covie View 1 640x224 1
Lighthouse mural
9 Morgan Painting the Face of the Guarajau 1 640x480 1
A California muralist painting her latest bird mural
12 Correo Melro Street View 1
Street mural with bird and leaves
15 Airport Cagallo Detail 1
Seabird mural on wall in Portugal