Country Living Mural for Parking Space

This country mural is the perfect match for the idyllic environment in which it was painted. Denise lives on a quiet flag lot with a rambling yard full of beautiful sculptures, large oaks and a sunny vegetable garden. A model train and city artfully winds around a pond and waterfall feature–all of which she designed and created herself. It was fun to paint for someone who has creativity clearly oozing through her hands, especially in the form of a green thumb!

The entrance of her Palo Alto Home was dark, and did not hint at the beautiful oasis that lay beyond. The circular driveway lead to a previously drab parking  space. So Denise painted the ceiling white of the carport, then hired me to paint a mural that would bring space and color to the area. Now every time she steps out her front door, she is greeted with this beautiful view!