Community Mural on the California Pedestrian Underpass

The California underpass is a 180-foot-long tunnel at the end of California Avenue in Palo Alto. An ocean mural had been painted in the tunnel back in 1998 by a team of volunteers, but the artwork had deteriorated and needed to be freshened up. I painted orca whales and humpback whales, a surfer and an octopus, a stingray and manatees, plus plenty of other fish in this underwater scene. Outside the tunnel, a few painted sandpipers can be seen digging about in the sand. The updated underpass mural was completed in June of 2017. Read the full story here. California Underpass Before.091412
Underpass mural before a Los Altos muralist repainted it


California Underpass East Wing Fish
Underwater ocean mural in California Underpass


California Underpass Kelp and Fish
Kelp and zebrafish mural


California Underpass Killer Whales
Killer whale mural in California


California Underpass Manatees
Manatee mural with ocean scene


2017 4500 SF Public Pedestrian Underpass City of Palo Alto
Octopus mural with seascape


CaliforniaUnderpass Octopuswall
Aquatic mural with fish in Palo Alto, California


California Underpass Sandpipers
Sandpiper mural with beach scene


California Underpass Shark Wall
Palo Alto mural with shark by peninsula painter


California Underpass Slow Down Kelp
Kelp mural in California


California Underpass Surfer
Surfer mural in freeway underpass


California Underpass Tunnel Shark
Handpainted Bay Area mural with ocean scene by Muralist Morgan Bricca


California Underpass Tunnel View
Underwater ocean mural in California underpass tunnel