Lake View Mural with Trompe L’Oeil Trellis

This client in Oakland, California already had a stunning, terraced backyard. It boasted blooms from every corner, in every color, and was truly a lovely oasis before they ever heard of Murals by Morgan. However, the backyard was bordered by a plain, white wall, which was the side of the garage. It was the perfect setup for the perfect storm, or in this case a mural by Morgan!

What I did was integrate the abundant blooms and color of their garden to create a flower mural, but I had it tumble out over a patio and then added about 10 more acres, which included a pond and a meadow. Now the wall that used to be a stopping point is an invitation to the imagination to enjoy an amazing view of an idyllic property.

The owner asked me if I had ever been “there,” indicating the scene in the painting. I replied no. I later realized though I haven’t been to some of the places I paint, it is truly where I live. As a muralist, I am so lucky to earn a living sharing the beauty that lives in my imagination!

Watch a time lapse video of this mural’s creation.