Arctic Sea Underwater Mural for Kids Bedroom

I painted this mural for a girl’s room in Berkeley, California. It was for the youngest daughter of longtime clients (their 5th project with me!). This arctic mural includes various penguin species as well as a shark corner and an above water seascape that spanned the circumference of the room at the picture rail. (Learn the story behind the mural here.)

Antarctic Mural with Penguins and Humpback Whales Painted in Kids Bedroom


Miri sUnderwaterRoom Whales 640x412 1
Humpback Whales Mural for Bedroom in Berkeley, California


MirisUnderwaterRoom MorePenguins.122543
Penguin Mural Painting for Girls Bedroom in Berkeley, California
MirisUnderwaterRoom Tuna.122520
Tuna Fish Mural for California Residence
Miri sUnderwaterRoom Sharkcorner 640x803 2
Hammerhead Sharks Mural for Bedroom


MirisUnderwaterRoom Fish.122612
Kelp Forest Mural Painting with Sharks and Fish